Constructing at high altitude requires the right tools and the right people to rise to the challenge. 

Having completed many high altitude projects, we have proven our first-hand knowledge of constructing within the extreme working conditions often found at high altitude.  Our ingenuity and innovative techniques allow us to use the conditions to our advantage. We work hard and fight through any rough weather that comes our way.



Our key personnel’s hands-on knowledge of high altitude construction would serve as an excellent asset to the project team. We are aware of the extreme working conditions encountered at high altitudes because we have successfully completed many projects, including the following examples below:

  9,600′ – Breckenridge 2nd Water Treatment Plant

  9,449′ – Rio Grande Reservoir – Phase II Rehabilitation

  8,537′ – North Clear Creek Water Treatment Plant

  8,942′ – Antero Reservoir

  8,465′ – Woodland Park Wastewater Treatment Facility Improvements, Phase II

  9,600′ – Upper Blue Sanitation District – Farmers Korner Wastewater Treatment Facility Filter Media Replacement

  8,710′ – Spinney Reservoir- Homestake Conveyance Channel Repairs Project

  6,410′ – Betasso Water Treatment Facility Capital Improvements

  8,146′ – Mountain Home Reservoir Outlet Rehabilitation

  8,909′ – Crested Butte Water Treatment Plant

  11,360′ – Climax Property Discharge Water Treatment Plant

  8,022′ – Edwards Wastewater Treatment Facility Screw Pump and Miscellaneous Improvements

  7,083′ – Salida Wastewater Treatment Facility Upgrades

  10,266′ – Homestake Dam and Reservoir Maintenance and Repair Project

  11,200′ – Summitville Mine Water Treatment Plant

  7,680′ – Young Life – Frontier Ranch Wastewater Treatment Plant

  8,540′ – Crested Butte South Wastewater Treatment Facility Expansion

  10,000′ – Homestake Dam and Reservoir Seepage Metering Weir Improvements

  8,909′ – Aeration and Disinfection Systems Replacement

  8,300′ – Mary’s Lake Water Treatment Facility

  9,845′ – Fairplay Wastewater Treatment Plant

  9,050′ – Snake River WWTP UV Disinfection

  9,270′ – Frisco Water Treatment Plant Upgrades

  11,125′ – Climax Sludge Densification Plant

  10,705′ -Climax #3 Dam Pump Station

  7,965′ – Otero Pump Station Projects

  10,541′ – Grizzly Reservoir Outlet Works

  10,541′ – Lost Man Tunnel at Grizzly Reservoir

  10,266′ – Homestake Tunnel Concrete Lining

  4,953′ – Pipeline Laterals for the Bureau of Reclamation

  11,360′ – Climax Haul Road Underpass and Highway 91 Realignment

  6,431′ – Transmission Line, Steel Tower, and Concrete Foundations, Hayden Flats

  8,478′ – Reclamation work at Homestake Mine

  12,001′ – Reclamation work at Mary Murphy Mine

  8,799′ – Humphrey’s Dam

  11,360′ – Other Climax Projects including the concrete foundation for #6 crusher, conveyor systems for
#6 crusher, and bridge crane replacements during the facility shutdowns.



Safely – On Time – Within Budget