Where: Vail, Colorado
Owner: Eagle River Water & Sanitation District
Engineer: Carollo Engineers
Contract Type: CMAR


This project allowed the Town of Avon to accommodate for future growth twenty years down the line and provided significant flexibility for the District’s wastewater treatment operations. To meet those goals, Moltz maximized the remaining unoccupied land within the site boundaries. This provided increased safety for the operational team, treatment access for process control and maintenance, and significant operational flexibility – a necessity for consistently meeting discharge permit requirements in a resort community where flows and loads are extremely variable. The project also leveraged the interconnectedness of the three WWTFs in the area, allowing the Avon facility to accept and treat increased bypass flows from the Vail WWTF during peak tourism seasons. In addition, Moltz was mindful of the location of the facility in the heart of the Town of Avon. Extreme care was taken to evaluate construction noise, odor, traffic, and the overall appearance of the facility, that would impact residents, parks, and trails near the site.

  Scope of this CM/GC project was to construct upgrades to meet Regulation 85, reducing the concentrations of nitrogen and phosphorus in the effluent. These upgrades included a complete headworks overhaul, construction of additional secondary treatment components (aeration basin expansion and a new secondary clarifier), modifications to the existing aeration basins, upgrades to the equalization basins, and improvements to other process areas all while maintaining continuous plant operations.



Safely – On Time – Within Budget