Summitville Mine Water Treatment Plant

Del Norte, Colorado


Colorado Dept. of Public Health & Environment


Golder Associates, Inc.

Contract Amount:

Award Contract: $17,499,586

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Project Summary:

The Summitville Mine area has been active since the 1870’s. An open pit gold and silver mine operated from 1984 to 1991. The mining company filed for bankruptcy in 1991 after it was discovered that 85,000 gallons of acidic water had leached into nearby waterways. The State took over the site under a Superfund Emergency Response in 1992 and has spent more than $200 million to date in reclamation efforts.

The new plant will replace the existing plant and will have the capacity to treat 1,600 gallons per minute. The plant is 160-feet long x 110-feet wide and 48-feet tall with a 70-foot diameter clarifier and is split into a process area, maintenance area, and a 2-story office area. Plant equipment includes process tanks, mixers, polymer system, RO units, pumps, and the clarifier. The project is design-build between Moltz Construction, the EPA, and Golder Associates.

Construction began concurrent with 60% design drawings in September 2009 and ended with the completion of the grade beams on December 1, 2009. Design continued through the 2009-2010 Winter, and construction recommenced with Spring thaw. 2010 construction included completion and drying in of the building, along with installation of process piping equipment, electrical, and HVAC. 2011 included process start up and plant finishes.

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