Salida Wastewater Treatment Facility

Salida, Colorado


City of Salida



Contract Amount:

Award Contract: $11,864,330

Contract Type:

Traditional Design, Bid, Build

Project Summary:

The project involves expanding the existing wastewater treatment facility to a new treatment capacity of 2.7 MGD. Construction includes demolition and abandonment of existing facilities, construction of new primary clarifiers, new IFAS aeration basins, new secondary clarifiers, a new RAS/WAS pump facility, a new secondary digester cover, heat exchanger modifications, new tertiary filter treatment, UV disinfection, a new effluent pump station, and associated yard piping and buildings.

The mass excavation consists of 38,000 cubic yards of material next to the river. It is an engineered excavation in excess of 20’ deep and includes soil nailed slopes.

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