Glenwood Springs Regional Wastewater Treatment Facility

Glenwood Springs, Colorado


City of Glenwood Springs



Contract Amount:

Award Contract: $22,285,000

Contract Type:

Traditional Design, Bid, Build

Project Summary:

The project consists of the construction of a new 2.34 MGD wastewater treatment facility and associated lift station. Other than site grading, yard piping, and landscaping, this project also includes the construction and equipment installation for the Lift Station Building, Administration Building, and multiple process buildings (Headworks, RAS/WAS, UV, and Biosolids). Two 55’ diameter secondary clarifiers and two 1.46 million gallon oxidation ditches are also being constructed as part of the project.

Because of the proximity to the Union Pacific Railroad, the project requires boring under the railroad tracks to extend dual 16” force mains to the new lift station and additional boring to construct pipe for outfall to the Colorado River.

The site is located adjacent to a steep mountainside, requiring installation of a 700 linear feet rockfall protection barrier fence.

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