Crow Creek Water Reclamation Facility Anoxic Basin Addition*

Cheyenne, Wyoming


Cheyenne Board of Public Utilities


Black & Veatch Corporation

Contract Amount:

Award Contract: $4,086,500

Contract Type:

Traditional Design, Bid, Build

Project Summary:

Moltz Wyoming, Inc., completed construction of $41M in improvements to the Crow Creek Water Reclamation Facility in 2006. This project was a bid alternative, however, the owner chose not to award the alternate at that time. The project added a non-aerated (anoxic) Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor (MBBR) treatment to the existing treatment works. The new MBBR basins reduce the nitrate concentrations in the recycled water used for irrigation as well as the effluent discharged to Crow Creek. The anoxic MBBR basins also reduce the overall electrical demand of the treatment works. Weir and launder covers at the existing secondary clarifiers were added. The WRF was kept in continuous operation throughout the construction process.

*Project completed by Moltz Wyoming.

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