City of Brush! Wastewater Treatment Plant Improvements

Brush, Colorado


City of Brush!


Stantec Consulting

Contract Amount:

Award Contract: $7,530,640

Contract Type:

Traditional Design, Bid, Build

Project Summary:

Improvements to the Wastewater Treatment Plant include construction of a Headworks Building, Biofilter, Bioreactors, Primary Clarifiers, Primary Pump Station, and Solids Handling Station. Upgrades are being made to the existing Secondary Clarifiers. Rehabilitation of the existing Digester building is occurring, along with demolition of trickling filters, construction of a Secondary Pump Station and installation of an Ultraviolet Disinfection System. A new Office/Lab Building is also being erected.

Two alternates given on bid day were executed as change orders to the project and added $1.13 million to the contract value. The Engineer also made design changes, adding an additional $1 million.

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